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Schooner J&E Riggin under sail by Elizabeth Poisson

Passengers on deck by Ben Krebs


Mexican Omelets on deck by Ben Krebs


Furling sailing at the end of the day by Ben Krebs


Hors d'oeuvres by Ben Krebs



At lobster Bake by Ben Krebs





Adventures for Your Spirit

Come experience a Maine sailing vacation along the rocky coast on the historic Maine Windjammer, Schooner J.& E. Riggin. Enjoy 3, 4, or 6-day eco-friendly sailing vacations as your windjammer cruise, departing from Rockland Maine, takes you past the spruce clad islands, unequaled rocky coastline and legendary lighthouse dotted bays of Penobscot Bay.

This unique travel experience is why over 65% of our passengers return year after year, not to mention the food!


What’s new?

- Check out  the 2014 sailing schedule to see what great trips we have in store for the sailing season! Or request a brochure and we’ll mail you a copy!

Booking Discount & Promotions:
Take advantage of early season getaways with 15% off if booked before April 30th. May 24th – 26th; May 28th – 30th; June 6th – 10th; June 23rd – 25th




What else is new?

- Thinking about a family reunion, class trip, business retreat, or wedding? A Maine schooner charter is the perfect venue! Save 20% off in May/June or September/October and 10% off in July/August. The 2015 charter dates are now open. Call us for more details.





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-  Potato-Crusted Salmon –  Salmon happens to be one of my favorite fish.  The coral color alone draws me, but then the melt-in-your mouth texture hooks me completely.  Often I hear from people that they don’t care for salmon because it tastes ‘fishy’ to them. There could be two reasons for this.  The first is…